БЦ Дыбенко 8

Class C

Saint Petersburg, Dyibenko ul, 8

Business center dybenko 8

  • БЦ Дыбенко 8 - tlang('фото') 1
  • БЦ Дыбенко 8 - tlang('фото') 2
  • БЦ Дыбенко 8 - tlang('фото') 3

General properties

Type of offer rent
Typical floor 0.00
Floors 20
Parking in the yard
Layout mixed
Readiness Ready to move

Vacant spaces for rent

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Square Floor Price, m2 Price per month
237 m2 1 1 600 rub/m2 379 200 rub
239 m2 1 1 600 rub/m2 382 400 rub

Financial terms

Utilities are included yes

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